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DID YOU KNOW? Once, there was an Astro-Barrier T-shirt on sale in the Penguin Style catalog. The shirt was a popular item.

DID YOU KNOW? There’s a shortcut to the Cave in the Plaza. Just click on the manhole cover in front of the Pet Shop. You’ll be doing the backstroke in no time.

DID YOU KNOW? If you finish Cart Surfer, you will end the game above ground, at the Mine Shack. If you wipe out too many times, you’ll stay belowground!

DID YOU KNOW? If puffles seem like too much work, you can buy easier-to-care-for pets at the Pet Shop such as goldfish, birds, and turtles if you have a membership. You add them to your igloo like any piece of furniture. While caring for one of these pets is a breeze, the downside is they are not nearly as fun and entertaining as a puffle!

DID YOU KNOW? When The Stage was first built, a yellow puffle was hiding there. This was before you could adopt a yellow puffle. If you moved your mouse over the two puffles on the wooden floor plaque  on the top of The Stage, a yellow one would appear in the balcony. Penguins everywhere came to The Stage to check it out. Today, you can find the yellow puffle in every play-it always takes part.

DID YOU KNOW? The first yellow puffle was spotted in the Forest during the 2007 Halloween Party.

DID YOU KNOW? Rockhopper discovered red puffles on an adventure in 2006. The puffles liked Rockhopper so much they hopped onboard the Migrator and sailed with him to Club Penguin. Now you can adopt one at the Pet Shop!

DID YOU KNOW? At first penguins didn’t know what to make of the potted plant, which looked like a bowl of dirt. Then the plant slowly began to sprout, and surprised to see what real treasure the pot contained.

DID YOU KNOW? When you upgrade your igloo, all your furnature and stuff gets put back in storage. So don’t panic when you see your new igloo and it looks empty! Click open the storage box, and you’ll find everything there.

DID YOU KNOW? When you buy items for your puffle in the Pet Shop, they will go into your storage box. Go into your igloo, click on the measuring tape, and then click on the storage to place these items in your igloo.

DID YOU KNOW? Once in a while, Club Penguin holds a special party for members only.

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  1. sandybo276 said

    thanks for the info once again il be sure to tell my friends about your blog

  2. krgoni said

    ok i hope they come.

  3. sandybo276 said

    i think they will i have one friend who is so exited but es not allowed to post Lol


  4. krgoni said


  5. sandybo276 said

    no idea but he just cant


  6. Paige said

    i think they will i have one friend who is so exited but es not allowed to post Lol

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