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The Official Guide to Club Penguin

Club Penguin Parties

About once a month, Club Penguin throws official islandwide parties. These are celebrations you definitely don’t want to miss!

At an official party, special decorations are set up all around the island. There are unusual decorations to see, new things to click on, and free items are given away. Sometimes special items appear in the Penguin Style or Better Igloos catalogs that  match the theme of the party.

The party themes usually have to do with the time of year. You can count on some parties to happen annually, such as the Halloween Party, April Fool’s Day Party, or Christmas Party. Other parties only happen once, such as the Underground Party, Which was held to celebrate the opening of the Boiler Room and Cave.

In November 2007, penguins got a chance to vote on which special party they wanted to return. The winner was the Wild West Party, where every penguin can feel like a cowpoke for a few days. Yee-ha!

Scavenger Hunt!

From time to time, Club Penguin holds special scavenger hunts. Penguins are given clues that lead to the discovery of treasures or new places. The most popular scavenger hunt  is the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Six eggs are hidden in different places around the island for penguins to find.

The Gift Shop:

Free Items:

Club Penguin’s shops aren’t the only place you’ll find items you can use to express your personality.

  • There are always free items given away at official Club Penguin parties.
  • Captain Rockhopper often gives away free pirate gear when the Migrator docks.
  • Complete a scavenger hunt to win free prizes.
  • Hidden Pins are available every two weeks and can be used to jazz up your player card.

There are secret items in every issue of Penguin Style. They are not always easy to find, but I think searching for them is just as fun as finding them. Move your mouse over the images on each page. The secret items change each month. And you will always find a Viking Helmet hidden somewhere in the catalog.

3 Responses to “The Official Guide to Club Penguin”

  1. sandybo276 said

    man you have lots of club penguins, are they all members, plus i am a little new so thanks for the info about the parties

  2. krgoni said

    yeah your welcome
    and no only my krgoni one is a member!!

  3. sandybo276 said

    oh ya or else if all of them would be members it would cost alot, i have like 6 penguins and one is a member my sandybo276

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