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TIP: Back issues of the newspaper are stored in file cabinets in the Boiler Room by entering the Night Club and walking up to the fourth speaker to the right of the door.

TIP: In the Book Room, read the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. You will find the free item on the last page.

TIP: Need coins to buy that sweet bathing suit you’ve got tour eye on? To earn coins quickly, play Bean Counter or Jet Pack Adventure. You can earn a nice amount of coins playing each game.

TIP: Looking for the chef’s hat? To find it, keep checking the clothing catalog. A new job is featured each month.

TIP: Want to take your puffle surfing? You can if you own a red puffle! Simply take your red puffle for a walk and head to Catchin’ Waves. It will hang ten on its very own surfboard right next to you!

TIP: When Rockhopper is visiting Club Penguin, the best places to look for him are the Migrator, the Dock, and the Iceberg. If you find him and ask him to be your buddy, he will give you a signed photo of himself.

TIP: To ask for a tour in Safe Chat mode, click on the speech bubble on your toolbar. Then scroll to Questions and click on the one that reads, “Can I have a tour?”

TIP: Be sure  to leave edit mode when you’re done decorating by clicking on the measuring tape.

TIP: When you receive a free item, try dancing or waving with the item on and see what happens. Remember, don’t wear anything else except that item.

TIP: Are you already an expert at finding pins? If so, use your skills to help out other penguins. If you see a penguin asking where they can find the new pin, answer them if you can.

Game Tips

TIP: Bean CounterThe falling objects are easier to avoid once you know where they fall. The anvil always falls close to the truck, the fish falls close to the platform or in the middle, and the flowerpot falls in the middle. If you get hit, don’t worry-catch the shining penguin to earn an extra life!

TIP: MancalaTry reading the instructions on the wall before you play. That will help, but the best way to get good at mancala is to play a few games.

TIP: Paint By LettersThere are bonus coins on almost every illustrated page in the Paint By Letters books. Move your mouse around the page to reveal where the coins are hidden. Some are tricky to grab, so keep trying.

TIP: Thin IceThere are coins hidden in the levels of Thin Ice. If you complete a level of all the ice tiles, a bag of coins will appear in the maze in your next level. Be sure to grab it as you go. On Level Nineteen there is a false wall in the top right corner of the maze. Move through the false wall until you reach the block with the circle inside it. When you melt this block, an extra bag of coins will appear for every level you have completed. For each bag you grab, you’ll earn extra points.

TIP: Astro-BarrierAfter Level Ten, and instruction box will appear on the screen. Don’t hit enter to continue playing. Instead, wait twenty-five seconds. A blue ship will appear. Shoot it, and it will lead you to secret levels where you can earn extra points.

TIP: Pizzatron 3000-Before you start making pizzas, look over for the red lever on the conveyor belt. Click on it and then press start. You’ll be making pizzas topped with chocolate sauce, icing, sprinkles, and chocolate chips!

TIP: Hydro-Hopper-You can trade in your tube for a wakeboard. Go to the Sports Shop and check out the Snow and Sports catalog. You just make sure you are holding  it when you enter the game. This will change how you play the game.

TIP: Jet Pack Adventures-If you complete the entire Jet Pack Adventure game without collecting a single coin along the way, you will get a bonus of 1,000 coins at the end!

TIP: Treasure Hunt-Look for a sparkle underneath the sand. It’s a clue that there may be a jewel or coin buried there.

TIP: Sled Racing-Slide over an ice patch to go extra fast!

TIP: Find Four-Find Four is a game of strategy, not speed! Before you make a move, think about how you can win and block another player from winning at the same time.

TIP: Aqua Grabber-To clear the first level, you’ll need to defeat a special clam and steal a giant pearl. Try to trick the clam by switching the pearl with a rock that’s the same size and shape.

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    cool some of these i already known

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    the jetpack one is hard

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    can you put tips on the second level of aqua grabber that would help alot


  4. krgoni said

    what the soda level?

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    ok i posted the tips of the second level of the aqua grabber for you.

  6. sandybo276 said

    Wow that is one nice and wicked awsome tip for aqua grabber. wooohooo! you should make some other tips as good as that woweeee!

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    Heres some tips :tell tell ppl the secret rooms: put pictures for tips like boiler room, bean counter, maybye a video of thin ice or other ones,

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    might want to make your surveys like a real survey . but yours is great too. hope you like my tps.

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    oops wrong spelling

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